High altitude weather balloons are widely used to carry a number of instruments to the upper atmosphere to be returned upon explosion when pressures inside the balloon exceed atmospheric pressures.

Our payload, containing cameras, GPS trackers, and additional instruments, is connected to the balloon by string and will be reclaimed upon return to Earth’s surface by parachute and onboard tracking.

Our previous test launch of a high altitude weather balloon can be viewed here.

Live Stream

Payload Design

  • Top Layer: Covering

  • Layer 2: GPS trackers

  • Layer 3: 360 Camera support

  • Submodule 3.5: 360 Camera

  • Layer 4: Electronics/Livestream

  • Layer 5: Transmitter + GoPro

  • Bottom Layer: Covering + Antenna

What’s On Board?

Nikon KeyMission 360
Arduino Uno
Spot GPS Tracker (x2)
FPV Camera

More information, including 360 footage, a bill of materials, build instructions, and more will be made available in the coming weeks.