High Altitude Balloon Program

During the 2018-2019 school year, first-years, Sophomores, and high schoolers will continue to discuss and prototype different ideas to implement Brown Space Engineering’s high altitude balloon program.

Connected by string, a payload containing cameras, GPS trackers, and any additional instrumentation is reclaimed upon return to Earth’s surface by parachute and onboard tracking.


Our research and development team will use its high altitude balloon program to recruit first-years and Sophomores interested in joining the team, obtain basic measurements of Earth’s atmosphere, photograph the curvature of Earth from near space, and promote science and space exploration to high school students and below.

Future Projects

One of the R&D team’s main areas of focus is researching and discussing new ideas for future projects.  As EQUiSat’s launch commences, the R&D team has begun testing the viability of deployable solar panels in near space.