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Can You Take a Drone On a Plane

Can You Take a Drone on a Plane?

Find out if it's okay to bring your drone along for the ride!

Drone on plane travel: Learn essential tips for bringing your drone on a plane hassle-free.

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Who does not love drones? If you didn’t, you certainly would not be reading this post. This ingenious marvel of human creation has transformed how we see the world, from breathtaking travel photography to groundbreaking scientific research. But if you are ready to take your drone on an adventure, you might be wondering – “Can you take A Drone on a Plane?”

This is a question that I have been asked multiple times as a drone expert. And while the answer to this might seem simple enough at first, such is not the case. However, you don’t need to worry, as the following guide will help you with this.

Can You Bring a Drone on a Plane?

The straightforward answer to that is yes. Yes, you absolutely can bring drones in flight. However, before you pack your bags, there are several things you must note down. From airline policies to battery restrictions and international laws, traveling with your drone requires careful preparation.

Some General Guidelines for Drone Travel

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Before you even think about flying with a drone, there are a few crucial steps you need to take to ensure a smooth journey for both you and your flying companion.

Understanding Battery Restrictions on Airplanes

We have already established that airplanes have battery restrictions, which complicates your question: Can you take a drone on a plane? Since lithium-ion batteries power most drones, let’s dive deeper into the specific limitations you need to know before you even step foot in an airport.

Common Limits for Drone Batteries

Drone on international flight: Discover rules for taking your drone battery on international flights.

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How to Find Your Battery’s Rating?

You can easily find your drone’s battery rating directly printed on it. If that is not the case, or the battery rating is not clear, contact the drone’s manufacturer for the exact rating. You would be required to submit it when requesting approval from your carrier.

Packing Your Drone for Air Travel

Final Words

There you have it folks – the answer to your ‘Can you bring a drone on a plane?’ query. Sure, the answer might not be as simple as you might have wished for, but you now have all the information you need to make an informed decision in regards to taking a drone on a flight.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Yes, you can take your DJI drone on a plane. However, you would be wise to check with your airline for specific policies, as they can vary. You might even be required to carry your drone in your carry-on bag. Also, note that there are strict regulations regarding the size of batteries permitted on board.

Most airlines in the US allow you to carry drones as part of carry-on luggage. However, some airlines may require smaller drones to be checked. Always confirm the airline’s policy in advance before making your bookings.

Yes, your drones can go through airport security screening like any other carry-on items. Be prepared to remove the drone from its case. Also, remember that drone batteries must be in your carry-on luggage. Your drone and accessories may be subject to additional inspection.

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