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DJI Follow Me Mode Explained

Discover DJI Follow Me Mode! It's like having a personal assistant for your drone.

DJI Follow Me Mode: Easy tricks for hands-free drone fun. Your guide to effortless flying adventures in simple steps

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DJI Follow Me mode has completely changed the landscape of aerial photography and videography. With the help of this innovative feature, your drone can become your own personal cameraman, following your movements with accuracy and fluidity on its own.  Whether your goal is to capture breathtaking adventures or outdoor activities, the Follow Me mode makes it possible for you to record your journey hands-free.

DJI Follow Me Mode: Overview 

The function allows the drone to follow you using advanced technology and sensors. This autonomous feature in the drones simplifies photography and videography. Many times, controlling the drones becomes an obstacle during moments of joy like exploring nature, rock climbing, jogging, or others. This makes it difficult for you to get your perfect clips and images. However, the Follow Me mode on the DJI drones makes it easier for you to record the event and other fun moments without controlling them. Wondering how? Find out in the section below. 

How Does the Follow Me Feature Work in DJI Drones? 

Below-mentioned are the ways in which the Follow Me mode works:

DJI Follow Me Mode: Let your drone follow you like a buddy.

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It is an advanced technology in which sensors are used to identify people, sounds, and moving objects. The vision technology allows the drone to follow the moving object as long as it is visible. Programming drones helps in recognising people or moving objects. By training the data, you can teach the sensors to recognise a predetermined pattern. For instance, if drones are trained to identify animals or humans, they will keep following that object until it fits the pre-defined criteria. However, the setback for this method is that it might become less effective if there is poor lightning, too many moving objects, or the subject is disappearing continuously. 

GPS in drones helps with navigation, stabilisation, and mapping efficiently. One more feature that GPS enables for the pilot is the DJI Follow Me mode.  The GPS receiver installed in the drone follows a ground station controller, which can either be the drone’s controller, your smartphone or any other wearable stand-alone device. The drone will keep following its controller as long as it is in communication. The major drawback of the GPS method is the disturbance in the connections due to the transmitter’s low battery, moving too far from the drone, and others.

Sometimes it is important to stay in control of the gimbal. If you don’t, the drone might follow you, but it might not capture you in the frame. As a result, the Follow Me mode becomes quite useless, especially when the subject is you. However, this restriction is not an issue if you aim the camera at the subject and move around inside the frame. 

Each DJI drone does not come with an obstacle avoidance feature. However, it is an added advantage if your drone has this feature. This technology works using sensors. It finds obstacles in the way and maps out a path to ensure the smooth and seamless flight of the drone. The entire process happens in milliseconds, allowing the drone to follow you actively, even in regions with trees and buildings. Consequently, you do not need to worry about controlling the drone when it is in obstacle avoidance Follow Me mode. 

Types of DJI Follow Me Mode Drones 

DJI drones are well-known for their Follow Me mode. However, some drones, like the DJI Mini 2, do not offer this feature to their users. Given below is a list of DJI drones equipped with the Follow Me mode:

Cool DJI Drones: See the different types with Follow Me mode.

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How to Turn On Follow Me Mode in DJI Drones?

The mode is integrated into the DJI GO app. Here’s a step by step guide to launching this feature. 


In conclusion, DJI Follow Me mode is a game-changing leap in drone technology. It liberates users from manual control during videography and photography. The Follow Me feature works through different advanced technologies and sensors, including GPS, vision recognition technology, gimbal control, and obstacle avoidance. You can turn on the Follow Me mode from the DJI GO mobile application. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Yes, the DJI Phantom 3 drone has a Follow Me feature. It can be turned on using a remote control, the DJI GO app, a smartphone or tablet that is linked to the remote control, or the smartphone or tablet’s GPS location. 

You can use Active Track to make the DJI Mavic Air follow you. To enable it, connect the drone to the controller. Then, go to the DJI Go app and click on ‘Enter Camera View’ to see real-time footage. Thereafter, launch the drone in P or GPS mode. Click the dron icon in the DJI GO app. Swipe to the second screen, where you will find the Follow Me option.

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