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DJI Mini 2 Follow Me Mode Explained

Unlock the magic of DJI Mini 2 Follow Me Mode.

DJI Mini 2 Follow Me Mode: Your guide to hands-free drone adventures!

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Drones are getting more and more common, and their features are developing quickly. One of the latest functionality advancement of drones is the ‘Follow me feature.’ These features allow drones to follow you wherever you go. Sounds astonishing? However, these features are only introduced in limited drones. Look into the availability of this feature before purchasing any drone model. In this article, we’ll find out if the Follow Me feature is available on DJI Mini 2 drones. Keep reading to find out! 

What is Follow Me Mode in Drones? 

Ever seen mini aircraft flying above you at weddings? It is an unmanned device known as a drone and is used to take wedding pictures. The Follow Me feature on drones has revolutionised the photography industry. Now people can turn on the Follow Me mode on their drones to follow the objects and shoot continuous video independently. To put it simply, this unique feature enables the drone to track an object and film a series without requiring constant manual control.

How Does Follow Me Mode Feature Work? 

This mode works by using different technologies and special sensors. Given below are some of them: 

The primary way through which the feature works is the ‘Controller Tracking.’ It works through the use of Bluetooth technology. This means the drone’s camera will follow anyone who has a controller connected to the drone. Controller tracking is one of the best methods by which the Follow Me mode works, as it lets you shoot clear and inquisitive videos. All you need to do is follow the direction of the controller properly. 

DJI Mini 2 Follow Me: Explore controller tracking for hands-free drone capture – effortless and precise

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However, there are situations like signal interference where using controller tracking can become difficult. As a result, the Bluetooth connection between your controller and the drone might be lost, and it may become a problem. Another disadvantage of using controller tracking is that the controller must remain in close proximity to the moving object. For instance, if you want to film your friend riding a bike, you will have to follow him to keep the controller near the drone.

DJI Mini 2 Follow Me Mode: Dive into object detection for seamless, obstacle-aware drone exploration

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Another method through which the Follow Me mode works is ‘Object Detection.’ Some drones come with advanced cameras, which help in recognising the object and locking it. With the help of object detection, the drone’s camera movement centres around the object you have specified for it. The drone will physically follow you until it can detect the object through its camera. Therefore, keep the drone’s camera pointing in the direction of the object. The major setback of the object detection method is that the drone might lose sight of the object due to obstacles in the way.

DJI Mini 2 Follow Me: Elevate your experience with GPS tagging

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Drones can use GPS or GLONASS technology to use the Follow Me feature. Drones can track the GPS location through the controller. The person in possession of the controller will be considered an object, and the drone will follow him/her through the GPS location. This enables the drone’s camera to follow the controller, regardless of any obstacles in the way. 

Some drones are highly advanced and use visual recognition technology. The combination of lasers and smart object detection systems enables drones to navigate through trees and overcome obstacles. Additionally, drones can self-navigate against obstacles while in Follow Me mode. 

Does DJI Mini 2 Have Follow Me Mode Feature?

Follow Me mode is one of the crucial features that pilots consider while purchasing the drones. It is important to understand that the DJI Mini 2 lacks this feature if you intend to purchase one. 

This is because the DJI Mini 2 is a light-weight drone that comes under the 20-gram registration limit. Thus, the Follow Me mode was not offered in this drone to keep it under the restricted weight limit. However, there are some hacks through which you can make your drone follow you. Let’s find them in the section below. 

How to Get Your DJI Mini 2 Follow You? 

Given below are some ways to get your drone to follow you: 

DJI Mini 2 Follow Me Mode: Dive into object detection for seamless, obstacle-aware drone exploration

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One of the quick shooting modes is Helix Mode. It permits the drone to fly over a specific target and then circle it within a 20-120 metre radius. To use this hack, send your drone at least 120 metres away. Thereafter, open the quickshots menu, select the helix mode, and set the radius to 120 metres. Focus on your subject to enable the drone to move in a straight line. You will find the drone travelling at its lowest speed within a 120-metre radius. Before the drone completes its previous spiral, your new location will mark the beginning of the next one, as long as you are travelling straight. Consequently, it will fly in a straight line, just like the subject. 

The circle mode hack is more suitable for shorter ranges. It enables the drone to fly in circles around the subject. The first steps to use this hack are the same as in helix mode. In this case, all you need to do is select the circle mode from the quickshots menu. As soon as the drone takes off, you have to move straight ahead in the same direction. Keep your speed in check so that the drone cannot outspace you once they are in sync. Before the drone had the opportunity to finish its final round, each step would be a new location for it to begin flying. Consequently, the drone will find itself trailing you in a straight line. 


In conclusion, Follow Me features work using different technologies and sensors, such as controller tracking, object detection, GPS tagging, and vision recognition technology. However, DJI Mini 2 does not feature Follow Me mode due to its restricted weight maintenance. Pilots can use the helix mode hack and the circle mode hack to mimic the Follow Me feature in this drone. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

The DJI Mini 2 SE cannot track the object automatically. Therefore, an individual in possession of the controller must give the right directions to the drone. 

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