DJI Mini 3 Pro Follow Me Explained

DJI Mini 3 Pro Follow Me Mode Explained | How to use

Explore DJI Mini 3 Pro's Follow Me mode! Let's make flying fun and easy!

DJI Mini 3 Pro Follow Me: Easy guide to mastering ActiveTracking for epic drone adventures

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Blogging has become one of the most thriving professions of the modern era. Imagine yourself as a travel blogger wandering around the hills with the desire to shoot a perfect video. The most challenging part is placing your camera at the right angle while enjoying your trip. Isn’t it? Here’s where the DJI Mini 3 Pro ActiveTrack feature is useful. It is an aerial filming assistant that autonomously tracks and follows subjects, captures stunning cinematic footage effortlessly. Read on to find out more in detail. 

DJI Mini 3 Pro ActiveTrack: Overview

The DJI Mini 3 Pro feature, also known as focus track, enables the drone to detect and track objects intelligently at various angles, speeds, and patterns. You can use this feature in various modes, such as trace mode, parallel mode, point of interest mode, and spotlight mode. Each mode flies independently with minimal or no pilot control. 

ActiveTrack mode lets the drone work automatically with the use of onboard sensors and GPS data. Furthermore, the 3-axis mechanical gimbal and the camera work collaboratively to create an impressive video of the object. This feature is useful when you hike, drive, ride a bike, and in many other cases where the focus of the user is on another activity. 

Key Benefits of DJI Mini 3 Pro ActiveTrack 

Here are some of the benefits: 

JI Mini 3 Pro Follow Me: Have your drone follow you effortlessly for fun and easy flying

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These types of batteries are much safer in comparison to LiPo batteries. They have a slightly lower density and provide a lower discharge rate than LiPo batteries. However, the lifespan of lithium-ion polymer drone batteries is longer. 

How Does DJI Mini 3 Pro ActiveTrack Feature Works? 

The feature breaks into two modes from which you can choose, as long as the feature is enabled. The modes are highlighted below: 

Active Track Parallel Mode: DJI Mini 3 Pro in action. Explore parallel tracking for cool drone shots with ease!

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The drone follows an object or a person either from behind, in front or from the top when the ActiveTrack feature is used in trace mode. All you need to do is circle the object or person on the mobile device screen or the remote controller. Next, make the necessary adjustments to the height and distance of the drone from the target. Consequently, the drone will follow at a constant speed of up to 10m/s or less.

Parallel mode, as the name suggests, allows your drone to follow a person or object from the side. In this mode, the drone can be positioned at wide angles to the target rather than exactly perpendicular. The drone in Parallel ActiveTrack mode follows you at a steady pace of 13 m/s or less. 

How To Activate DJI Mini 3 Pro ActiveTrack Mode? 

Given below are the steps to set up your drone:

Follow Me Mode: Discover how DJI Mini 3 Pro makes hands-free drone adventures simple and enjoyable.

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Tips to Keep in Mind While Using DJI Mini 2 Pro ActiveTrack Mode

Following are the points to keep in mind: 

Final Words

The DJI Mini 3 Pro ActiveTrack mode is a cutting-edge technology that enables the drone to detect and track objects across various angles, speeds, and patterns intelligently. This feature is ideal for hands-free filming during activities like driving, biking, or hiking. Overall, the ActiveTrack feature simplifies your overall photography and videography experience. 

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